Demo of new Vox Valvetronix VTX150 Pro Neodymium & VC12

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Demo of new Vox Valvetronix VTX150 Pro Neodymium & VC12

Postby voxman on Sun Feb 05, 2012 7:12 pm

Well, here it is guys – my demo vid of the new Vox Valvetronix VTX150 Pro Neodymium amp (with EL84 power-amp tube) plus VC12 floor-controller. ... ideo_title

With a massive thank you to my very good friends, Mickey and the team at Chiswell Studios in St Albans who recorded and put the video together, this is the first time I’ve left the confines and restrictions of my little ‘den’ at home and gone into a proper studio to make a video.

I really do hope you guys enjoy the vid!

There’s the odd bum note, & a couple of ‘senior moments’ in there (I said Orange drive when I meant Gold (doh!) and I double clicked on the VC12 to leave the modulation on when I said it was off!) But hey, it wouldn’t be a proper ‘Voxman’ vid without these little foibles now would it! lol

It's a cracking amp that’s loud as sin with balls and bottom end for days. The range of tones you can get from this puppy is just awesome. Hooked up with the VC12/VC12SV it has huge gigging flexibility - and especially with a 1x12” extension cab it’ll blow most other amp rigs off the stage! I’d honestly love one of these for myself, not least because it’s so incredibly light and compact.

And I’m not kidding about the volume! After we finished filming, Mickey sat down at the drums, Martyn plugged a bass in, and we had a fun jam in the studio. I just about got the VTX150 Pro up to a little over half-way without blowing everyone’s ear drums! What was really surprising was just how big and full the Pro sounded when cranked up - the sound from that 1x12” 150w Neodymium speaker just filled the entire room!


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