Visual Sound Workhorse Pony Combo amp

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Visual Sound Workhorse Pony Combo amp

Postby cbell on Fri Dec 16, 2011 7:03 pm

Just received a used 2006 Visual Sound Workhorse Pony combo amp. This is the 30 watt 1x12 fixed-bias combo (45 Lb.) with 2-6L6 tubes and the hubcap speaker diffuser. These amps are no longer made and thats really a shame because they sound great-clean with a lot of overhead, have advanced features such as bias controls for each tube with green and red leds to set bias to four settings, 6L6 reg., 6L6 hot, EL-34 reg., and EL-34 hot, have a good speaker-Celestion 70-80, a great padded cover with large pockets, have a heavy duty circuit board and the controls and tubes are solidly mounted (the only thing I didn't like were the cheap jacks used for the input and line out) and the amp is made in China. The amp has the original Ruby tubes, 3-7025 and 2-6L6GCMSTR. I decided to check the bias settings with my Compu-Bias. The plate current was 399 vdc with a line voltage of 123vac. With the leds lit green the idle watts were only 9-10 watts and the ma. was less than 30, way low for 6L6GC tubes which should be 15 to 21 watts and 38 to 45ma. I upped the bias on my amp to 45 ma. and 17.5 watts. The other problem with my amp is the reverb produces a buzz in the speaker that gets louder as the control is turned up. The reverb seems to work, although very subtle, but is noisy so I have the control turned all the way down. I may replace the reverb tank. Owners of these amps can't assume that the bias will be correct for their output tubes by just using the led lights. This is yet another great amp which was discontinued before it could be fully appreciated.
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