Guitar humbucker-sized bass pickups-any thoughts/recommends

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Guitar humbucker-sized bass pickups-any thoughts/recommends

Postby sunndemon on Sat Jul 05, 2008 7:22 pm

Want to keep it passive(no EMG's/Barts); recently picked up fer cheap a Dean Stylist(no longer in production)hollowbody with a Hofner President(Stu Sutcliffe)/Framus Starbass(Bill Wyman)/jazz box vibe...real sleeper if you're looking for British Invasion plonk, or a fake upright thump, plus it's a 32" scale(as opposed to the usual 30")and a wider neck than found on the Gibson/Epiphone/Guild Starfire classics. However, the electronics are junk(no surprise, right?). The Darkstar PU's are way out of my price range...anyone have experience with the Eastwood Club Bass or hollow Gretsch knockoff(Eastwood also sells a Mosrite style singlecoil in a slightly different size)? What about Artec or the other stuff commonly found on Ebay like what Choppers Music or Planet Zagnatz sells, or would I be replacing one kind of Chinese junk for another?
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Postby ayh on Sun Jul 06, 2008 10:15 pm

I got an old Shadow hum that I like . the only thing with pickups sized like this is you gotta watch the string spacing.
Next time I take this bass apart ,Im gonna try an alnico magnet in there though.make it a little smoother .The ceramic mag in there makes it pretty hot ,but thats the late 70s for ya.
DiMarzio made a pickup like this way back when as well

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Postby Vortexion on Mon Jul 07, 2008 3:38 pm

Hi there, sunndemon: a fellow Dean Stylist owner reporting in!

Yeah, the stock p/ups are sh1te, aren't they! :lol:

I replaced mine with a pair of John Birch Magnum 2s. They have 21 pole pieces placed very close together, and so work effectively like a blade p/up - i.e. no worries about string spacing. This is what they look like:


...and this is what they sounded like at our local blues jam:


That was both pickups, with the coils switched in series. Forgive my ham-fisted fumbling: that was the first time anyone had ever put 'the finger' on me to play a solo! :shock:

I got the Magnums direct from John Birch for £150 the pair. However, this equates to almost $300, so perhaps this might be a little expensive in the USA. I have a great alternative suggestion, though. TV Jones now do their famous Thunder'Tron bass pickup in what they call the "English Mount" - in other words, a Gibson PAF mounting! Go have a look:

I mean, what could look/sound better in a Stylist! :D
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Postby geoff_bell on Mon Jul 07, 2008 10:07 pm

that string-spacing thing's a bitch. i replaced the bridge pick-up in a plywood bass i have years ago. the spacing was way off - but there was no way i was going to move the damned thing closer to the neck, so i just made-do with the string volumes being different and added a compressor instead.
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