bass cabinet design questions...

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bass cabinet design questions...

Postby sunndemon on Sun Apr 06, 2008 3:15 am

I'm thinking of building a biampable compact cab for low-volume rehearsals and "coffehouse" gigs employing two 8" for high-end and an EV 12L for the low, and my major dilemma is this: should the 12" be front loaded/front radiating with ports(in a separate chamber from the 8 inchers) OR should I try the "bandpass" design(the 12" in a middle chamber shooting down into a bottom section with a couple of ports)? Is this a more efficient way of developing low-end in a small cab situation? The bandpass idea was all the rage in smaller PA low-end about 10 years ago, but not as prevalent now. What might be the draw-backs of this design?
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