Dirty Boy Review by Customer, Read what others are saying

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Dirty Boy Review by Customer, Read what others are saying

Postby plexi on Tue Mar 30, 2010 4:49 am

Sent to us today:
Hi Victor,
I must tell you how much fun I am having with my Dirty Boy, you know,
the one with the BIG KNOB. My favorite approach with my Dirty Boy
thus far is to turn it all the way up and then point the BIG KNOB down
and plug in. Wow. The emanating screams, moans and ecstatic shrieks
are commensurate with it's Gargantuan girth. Innuendo aside, I
discovered all those sounds I've attempted to get with all kinds of
crazy gear over the years just started coming out and then some. The
layers of overtones and harmonics seem endless. Yes, the Dirty Boy is
a real thrill ride.
Attached is a photo of the big Boy sitting on two cabs I made. Both
have vintage Jensen 15" 100w Alnico Speakers, one voiced lower than
the other. Big bold tone. Despite being hesitant to let my secret-
weapon speakers become known I have attached the Jensen spec sheet
showing all the speakers in the EM series. I've tried almost all of
the series and have found three models that are superior, these two
15s and one 12". The 10" Vibrantos need to be ganged up to sound good
and don't fit my taste. I've tried to buy every decent looking example
of these 15"ers to come across ebay and have enough stash to keep me
happy for a minute, but they are very rare in my experience. The cab
in the picture under the left side of the Dirty Boy is made from
Avadore wood (yellow) and the baffle with the backwards Shazam is
Okume Marine Plywood (bs1088 as certified by Lloyd's of London...).
This marine plywood is far superior to the Baltic Birch that almost
everyone uses, just a joy to work with. The other cab under the D
Boy's right side is another Korina cab with some great flame. I bought
a little stash of Limba wood that is wide, beautiful boards and I am
using it exclusively for my speakers these days. Again, bs1088 Okume
baffle. This cab also has Korina cleats throughout and aside from the
baffle is 100% Korina. Even the feet are Korina "carpet skis". Great
sound. Both cabs are open-backed.
Also attached is a pic of our "conference room". The best meetings
generally occur late Saturday nights... All the natural wood cabs and
heads in the pic I made. All of my work is done using Festool Domino
mortice and tenon joinery for ultimate strength and tight fit. Usually
I finish the cabs with gunstock oil and wax. Often I don't mount
handles on the cabs because the ones that look best (Matchless, Ampeg)
stand too tall for most heads to straddle and the rest don't look up
to the standard of the wood.
Anyway, I'll quit rambling now and go fire up the big feller, perhaps
I have time for one good session before the wife finds me...
Barry Short
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