Peacemaker w/ Greenbacks?

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Peacemaker w/ Greenbacks?

Postby Jack71 on Mon Oct 26, 2009 1:46 am

On paper it would seem like this would be a good match but in practice the Peacemaker is a dark amp so playing it through Greenbacks may be too dark? Plus, it seems like the bottom end would get too flubby.

Anyone tried a Peacemaker with the Scumback M75 65 watt speakers? I've owned the 25 watt versions and they sounded awesome but the 65 watt ones are supposed to be tighter. How about some EV12L's? I would think those would work well with something like the Peacemaker.
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Re: Peacemaker w/ Greenbacks?

Postby mixohoytian on Fri Nov 20, 2009 4:50 pm

I use greenbacks w/ my peacemaker
I have the made in the UK greenbacks from the 90s
Unfortunately, I don't have the money to experiment and find what I like the best, I was able to get an older marshall cab w/ these greenbacks and I went for it
I love the way it sounds.... I wonder what it would sound like with the g12h-30's which is what the mojave cab has in it.
I guess it would have more bottom end...but I love the mids on the greenbacks, the distortion tone is perfect
As far as bottom end, it sounds tight to me. I went ahead and recorded a project with the greenbacks cause I can't wait and do things til I can afford everything I want...:-)
anyways, the bottom end sounds good as far as Van Halen, or a 70s sound....I was going for a 70s vibe so it was perfect
I fear that something else might be more modern sounding and not so sweet in the mids
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