newbie question , sidewinder and scorpion

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newbie question , sidewinder and scorpion

Postby jszfunk on Wed Jul 22, 2009 6:31 pm

Please excure my ignorance here, I just have a few questions about some of the features on these amps,by the way they sound awesome!!!

Sidewinder- the bass and treble volume controls. From what I understand they do control the volume but each will bring/control more/less bass and treble when you turn them up correct? It sounds like it's a normal control but just letting you adjust more(bas/treble) in the final output. The mid cut I think I understand pretty well. You probably would want to use mid cut in clean channel and emphasis when you are playing more dirty. Is there a neutral setting on it? And I assume the tone control does exactly what it says,controls between low and high end.

Scorpion-like I mentioned above about the bass/treble volume controls, just making sure I understand that. now just having the regular bass and volume controls on this, is that just giving you more room to shape your tone compared to the sidewinder? the mid low and mid high , I am assuming that just controls the highs in the mids and the lows in the mids.
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