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Postby toddf007 on Mon May 18, 2009 4:55 am

I'm going to buy either a Coyote, Sidewinder or Plexi 45. I am wondering about the speaker arrangement. I'm thinking about ordering a 2x12 cab for it. I am either going to order the G12H & Blue mix or the (2) Blue cabinet. Right now I'm not short on cabinets. I've actually got (4) 2x12 Oversized Port City Cabs that I have run in a mixed arrangement. (2) G12H in one and (2) Jensen Black Bird Alnico 100's in the other and pairing them up parallel to give me the 4x12 effect, only better. I've got 2 stacks built the same way. The 100 watt Jensen Alnico's need to be pushed pretty hard to really sound good. They are quite dark and don't have near the punch of the G12H. They pair up nicely with my Wizard Modern Classic Head and Elmwood Modena M90. None of my modded Marshall's like the setup at all. I don't know if it's the ported cabinet or the Alnico speakers. With my modded Plexi and Vintage Modern I need to run those through my All Had Wired Marshall 4x12 with G12H.

I have never played through the Blue's. I would appreciate any help in this department. :cheers:
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