Using Celestion gold with Plexi 45

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Using Celestion gold with Plexi 45

Postby tucky on Wed Mar 04, 2015 2:02 am

I've owned a Plexi 45 since 2009. Currently running it with KT66s and through a ported 1x12" cab that has a Celestion Creamback M65.

I'm thinking of changing to a Celestion Gold. Anyone used this speaker with the amp? If so what are your thoughts?

Also does anyone know if the amp is designed to have a preference for which output tap to run? I thought I had read somewhere that some Marshall's sound better on the 8 ohm tap, rather than the 16 ohm tap. This may be all nonsense though. Let me be clear, I don't intend to run the amp with the ohm output and the speaker cab mismatched. I will run 8 ohm tap to 8 ohm speaker. I just want to know if the amp is designed with a preferred output?

I am also thinking of changing the tubes to either 6L6 or EL34 that Vic normally ships the amp with. If anyone has experience with the sound of KT66s vs 6L6 vs EL34 in this amp I'd love to hear it!

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Re: Using Celestion gold with Plexi 45

Postby sdlogan9 on Fri Mar 06, 2015 12:01 am

I am going to retube mine in a few days with TAD 6L6-STR's Ill let you know how I like them !

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Re: Using Celestion gold with Plexi 45

Postby Michael Patrick on Fri Mar 06, 2015 1:51 pm

I read on the Interwebz (so it must be true...) that Marshalls sound best at 16 ohms, since it uses all of the windings in the OT.

But if you think about it, all of the people we idolize ran full stacks, with two 16-ohm cabs meaning the heads were (or should have been) run at 8 ohms. So go figure.
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