Funny Fishing Stories ... Bring 'em On

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Funny Fishing Stories ... Bring 'em On

Postby HighOrder on Sun Jul 18, 2004 7:21 pm

I got to fish on the Calcasieu river last week in Southern Louisiana, in search of Red Fish, Speckled Trout, Flounder, etc. Man was it hot! 98 or so degrees, 80ish percent humidity, and NO WIND! Anyway, I'm out with my brother in-law - a former Marine and High School Principle. We motored to "Big Lake" about mid-day in search of cleaner water and started fishing along an old jetty. Up to that point, we'd been skunked but the brother in-law quickly landed a nice 18-inch Red. Excited, he decides to fish two rods - one with live bait and one with a tipped jig. He left the live rig laying on the bow of the boat ... with the bail closed (er ... heh).

I'm sitting there melting in the sun and drowning a finger mullet when I hear a rattling noise. Directing my attention to the bow of the boat, I see the brother in-law's live baited rod rocket off the boat and under water at warp speed - I mean it was gone in a heartbeat. Losing decorum, I start yelling "Oh wow, no freakin' way ... oh man" and laughing my proverbial a$$ off (I forgot he was a Marine ... d'oh!). He mutters in his slow southern drawl "well ... at least it's got a cork on it." My reply was "that thing is long gone, man."

Well, about two minutes later I see a cork working it's way up from the depths maybe three yards off the bow. The brother in-law casts his jig toward the cork, snags the line, grabs the rod from the water, and reels in a nice redfish ... still on the hook of the lost rod!!! Now we're both laughing, and he feels vindicated for his previous cork statement.

I couldn't help thinking of Capt Quint from Jaws. "He can't stay down with one cork on 'im ... not with one cork!" :D :p
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Re: Funny Fishing Stories ... Bring 'em On

Postby thid on Sun Jul 18, 2004 7:29 pm

Man that's a story you'll never get tired of telling!

A good friend guides on northern Wisconsin lakes in search of muskies. A client on his first cast of the day threw his rod into the water. My friend said he just handed him another rod without saying a word. Need less to say the client gave him a rather large gratuity that day.
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Re: Funny Fishing Stories ... Bring 'em On

Postby jmp100watt on Sun Jul 18, 2004 7:33 pm

Nice one HighOrder. I kinda had a similar experience a few years back. Me and a buddy were fishing off the Clearwater bridge (FL) and he tells me he's got to go the the bathroom and to "watch" his pole while he's gone. Of course his line was in the water with bait on it. I say no problem.....Well not 2 minutes after he walks off I hear a scrape and a splash. I rub my eyes once, twice and look but of course his pole is not there. Well it took about 20 minutes of apologies and a couple of beers to get him ok again. So later that night Im still fishin and look out on the water; thought I had hooked a stick or something. Would'nt you know I somehow caught his pole back. Whatever hit it took the leader off and everyting. Crazy night!! :eek:
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Re: Funny Fishing Stories ... Bring 'em On

Postby thesg on Sun Jul 18, 2004 7:38 pm

That's an awesome story.

I got one:

Have you ever seen the movie Funny Farm? Chevy Chase snags an old man in the face with his hook and they fight to get it out. Anywho - about 6 of us were fishing in a lake for big mouthed bass. Few of these guys meant business. My friend, who NEVER fishes, makes his 3rd cast of the day and snags one of the die-hards in the ear. Blood everywhere - guys yelling. All of a sudden I get a bite and I think I have JAWS on my line. The guy with the hook in his ear freaks out and pushes everyone away from him - one guy almost goes overboard. The hooked guy comes over to where I am with the net and tells me to "REEL REEL REEL"! He's yelling at me to get JAWS in and doesn't even give a rats a$$ about his ear. Blood everywhere. I get the bass in and he nets him and brings him over. Still, he didn't care about his ear - he just wanted this fish caught. He takes him off my hook (still hooked himself) and has me hold him so he can weigh him. That fish was 5lbs (biggest bass I have ever caught)!!

After a few minutes and releasing the fish, they finally pulled the hook out of the guys ear. He continued to fish - didn't even really mention being hooked.

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Re: Funny Fishing Stories ... Bring 'em On

Postby HighOrder on Sun Jul 18, 2004 7:42 pm

Oh yea ... fishin' is a hotbed of fun and hilarity. People do some of the strangest things in search of "the big one." The guy with the hook in the ear is one serious fisherman! Good stories guys. Keep 'em coming! I know we have a lot of outdoor types lurking here! :p
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Re: Funny Fishing Stories ... Bring 'em On

Postby DanTheBluesMan on Sun Jul 18, 2004 9:57 pm

I'll be the first to say I ain't much of a fisherman. Back when I was a mere tadpole, I had a friend who was (or I should say wished he was) a real fisherman. Problem is that every single time I went fishing with Eddie, I ended up with a hook in my thumb. After 10 or 20 times of this happening, I for some reason never really took up with fishing with a passion.

Fast forward about 20 years. I'm working in a pizza restaurant in the NH seacoast. The owner has other friends who are pizza shop owners. We decide to go deep sea fishing with his buddy. We eat at the buddy's pizza place. Out of politeness, I eat the pizza, although it was awful. The next morning we go fishing. I, mr. cast iron stomach, actually end up retching the previous night's dinner in the boat's loo. It wasn't even digested, it was so bad. All I caught that day were sharks, which kept getting tossed over board or the lines cut.

If I were stranded on a desert island, I'd starve to death because I am not a fisherman :p
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Re: Funny Fishing Stories ... Bring 'em On

Postby hassanchop on Sun Jul 18, 2004 11:26 pm

Okay, here's my fish story. It's not about me, it's about my mom because I just have absolutely NO talent for fishing and she does.

When my brother and I were 6, my mother would take us down to the Venice Pier to see if we could maybe catch some fish for dinner. Now, before anyone starts curling their lip, this was back in '69 or '70, before all the bacteria in the water in Santa Monica Bay. Usually we'd catch perch there, but occaisionally someone on the pier would catch a bonito. Well, one fine day, my mother, brother and I arrive at the pier and get ready to do some fishing. Mom asks if the fish are biting. Some guy up the pier says no one's catching anything. We came all this way, so mom tosses her line into the water. Immediately, one of the biggest bonita caught at the pier that year nabs her hook and she reels it in. A bunch of guys come over to find out what's up.

"What kind of bait are you using?" one of them asks her.

"Nothing!" she replies, and laughs, realizing that she forgot to bait her hook before she put her line in the drink.

Later, at home, preparing the fish, she related that some of the Mexicans were talking among themselves about her being a witch. (She speaks fluent Spanish.)

Our theory is that her brand new shiny hook must have dropped down right in front of the fish, who just couldn't resist a bite. Still, for months afterward, whenever we went to do some fishing at the Venice Pier, people would walk away from us and find someplace else to fish...
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Re: Funny Fishing Stories ... Bring 'em On

Postby JR on Sun Jul 18, 2004 11:49 pm

I was fishing for Salmon off of Santa Cruz in CA. I went with this Phillipino guy named Francis who was s'posed to be a pro fisherman. Anyway we rented a 16 foot boat with an outboard that they drop off the pier one by one to the swirling depths below. I say to Francis, go ahead dude, you're drivin' and he says "Not me, I've never done that". Great. So here I go, off into the fog with no navigational equipment in a rented dingy that is 1/2 the size of Jaws.

I was out following the gulls as they were dining on baitfish and hopefully were also being dined on from below by some "bigguns". Now, every time we threw out, these darn birds would go after our anchovies. One time I actually hooked one of the Seagulls in the foot. He put up quite a fight, but, using all my fisherman skills and my trusty Shakespear, I reeled him in. I finally "boated" him and got him unhooked. He was peckin' at me and givin' me the business the whole time. We were both glad to amicably part ways. That damn bird was the only thing I caught all day.
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Re: Funny Fishing Stories ... Bring 'em On

Postby Mrhiwatt on Mon Jul 19, 2004 12:14 am

Recently, 3 buds goin catfishin.

Bud #3 brags a LONG time about his new $6.00 Rapala-Deep-Divin-Shad-Rap lure.

Bud #3 ties it up and to his two-fisted 7 foot Shakespere ugly-stick w/20lb Trilene, and does the proverbial 'hail-mary'........

Bud #3's knot tying skills arent as good as his spending habits..

The 'lure' goes airborne 45 degrees at mach 1 until clean out of sight. He just stood there staring into the western sky.

Buds 1, 2, and myself couldnt compose ourselves for 20 minutes. I havent laughed that hard in years!!! He still dosent think its funny!!! He's pi$$ed!!!! oh man its halarious!
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Re: Funny Fishing Stories ... Bring 'em On

Postby 2 guest(s) on Mon Jul 19, 2004 1:07 am

Oh man...several fishing experiences with catching the lost rod & reel over the wouldn't believe stuff like that happens but it does all the time.

Two stories... buddy Stiggs is the luckiest fisherman on a farm pond...out past Four Forks, LA, Stiggs shanks a cast...throws a dual treble-hook deep-divin' crank bait into the worst, most weedy section of the pond...immediatly begins pulling the largest clump of pond salad ever seen onto the bank...we're laughin' and teasin' him about catchin' the longest weed of the day...inside the clump of weeds is a 5 lb bass also tangled up in the weeds...the bass was not hooked on the bait...

2nd...another buddy, JB...JB had a head full of short curly hair...JB reaches way back over his shoulder and casts out a Devil's Horse...he pop's his wrists during the cast to get that bait way out over the lake...split second later...both treble hooks bite right into the back of his head...we take him to the Emergency Room in Monroe, LA to get the lure out of his skull...just happens his father the doctor is on duty in the ER at that very took two months for hair in the shaved spot in the back of JB's head to grow back in...and his dad never let him forget about that visit to the ER.

Can't even start to remember all of the huntin', fishin', & gettin' trucks stuck in the mud stories about by buddy didn't want to be in the woods with Gene-O when he had a gun in his hand!
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Re: Funny Fishing Stories ... Bring 'em On

Postby Kevlar3000 on Mon Jul 19, 2004 1:12 pm

I was up fishing all last week here in MN, nothing biting but came across a barely alive 10 pound Northern Pike sitting on the bay. Beautiful fish, we yanked it out of the water and there was a huge bite mark out of its belly! Northerns generally rule the roost as they are mean and nasty, no other fish eats them accept for the giant Muskie's floating around on this lake. The fish that bit him had to have been a big one. The resort owner has a 52 and 58 incher that he has caught in the past two years. Kinda makes me scared to swim!
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