Plexi Place Service Shop is Open!

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Plexi Place Service Shop is Open!

Postby plexi on Fri Jan 10, 2003 10:08 pm

If any of you guys have an amp you've been contemplating getting serviced but weren't sure what it would cost or what to expect here is an example of what we do at the Plexi Palace.

A customer bought a nice 1969 Metal faced Super lead from the Guitar Center. It had a Lay down power transformer Serial # 3523A. After a Check out the following service was preformed.

Tested all power and preamp tubes, All checked good except one was the wrong type, a 12AU7 which we replaced with a 12AX7. Checked all Electrolytic Capacitors and found Two in the main power supply were shot. We replaced all four. Rewired the amplifier back to stock Super Lead Specs, It had been modified to a master volume. Reset Bias, Cleaned all the controls and replaced the AC power cord. Ran the amp on the bench with the scope hooked up at 3/4 Power for 1 hour. Checked the wave form at full power clipping for proper crossover. Played the amp with a guitar checking all the functions and sound.

Parts list:
50X50UF/500V JJ Capacitor X 4ea @ $11.40 each
12AX7ACZ (Tesla) Tube X 1ea @ 11.50 each
9Ft 18AWG AC cord X 1ea @ 4.70 each
Technical Labor X 2ea @ $65 hr

Total Repair....................$191.80
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Re: Plexi Place Service Shop is Open!

Postby Skoorb on Sun Jan 12, 2003 10:17 am

Hey Vic - Do you guys make house calls ?? :D :D :D :D :D
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