OT-Best Pickups for a Les Paul?

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OT-Best Pickups for a Les Paul?

Postby PatrickJ on Wed Dec 11, 2002 11:52 pm

Wondering what the current best pickups are for a Les Paul.
As I undesratnd it, the Tom Holmes are no longer available..or are they...
Opinion appreciated...
I'm going for a 70's Classic Rock sound, ala Thin Lizzy or Nazareth....
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Re: OT-Best Pickups for a Les Paul?

Postby DreamTone7 on Thu Dec 12, 2002 12:05 am

The jury is still out on this one.....though I know some board members have their faves (Duncan Antiquity, etc.) But since you said '70s rock sound, the only available replacement humbucker back then (that was used for MANY a 70s rock tune) was the Super Distortion by DiMarzio. I personally don't like that sound.....though many do.
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