Yngwie "you released the f*ckin' *fury*!"

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Yngwie "you released the f*ckin' *fury*!"

Postby Dale_Nixon on Tue Dec 10, 2002 2:47 pm

"Yngwie Malmsteen threatened to kill a fellow passenger on a flight to
Tokyo, Japan after the woman poured a glassful of water on the guitarist.
The passenger, who had no prior contact with Yngwie, allegedly overheard
Malmsteen making derogatory comments about homosexuals and decided to
show her disapproval by emptying the contents of her glass on the hefty

A member of Yngwie's touring entourage, who was traveling with Malmsteen
at the time, had a tape recorder running and managed to catch Yngwie's
reaction on tape immediately after the guitarist was 'assaulted' by the
offended passenger."

This link is to an MP3 of the recording:

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