New French Electro Jazz-Pop-fusion music

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New French Electro Jazz-Pop-fusion music

Postby Anje on Sun Feb 26, 2017 4:37 pm

Dear all,

wanted to share some nice music a good friend of mine has just released as I though you guys could like it:

Geoffroy Marcus : Musicien Auteur Compositeur Producteur

He's putting out a new album called "Pleasure".
I'm not the best at this exercise but I'd qualify it as some Electro Jazz-pop lounge music, with some old school funk-bluesy-rock fusion flavors blent in. Anyway, bottom line is it sounds great and kind of nicely "re-freshing" to me!
Made me think several times of some old Gainsbourg albums, with some cool vibes ala "Melody Nelson" for instance.

If you like good old classic gear & keyboards, this album is filled with great authentic Hammond, Rhodes, Moog... tones.
Geoffroy is a great keyboardist and does most of the recording, production & mixing in house.
He has a very nice intimate studio place in the Paris metro area full of great gear and sometimes do projects for other artists, so you may contact him about that also if you like what he does.

You can follow the Youtube & Bandcamp links in the website above to listen to and buy the whole album:

Enjoy! (I sure did)

Disclaimer: Geoffroy is a good friend of mine as stated above and I have absolutely no financial interest in his music, just sharing what I honestly think is great fresh new music to also support him :cheers: supporting new French Electro Jazz-pop album from a good friend - great authentic Hammond, Rhodes, Moog... tones with old school funk-bluesy-rock fusion flavors.
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