Missing Link Spring 2015 Tour

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Missing Link Spring 2015 Tour

Postby pckpat on Thu May 07, 2015 7:41 pm

Any Clutch and/or Mastodon fans out there in PlexiLand? (an ingenous query, as I'm pretty sure there are :P ) Anyway, just curious as to whether some members here might have caught a performance? They're playing my town next week. I just found out today, unfortunately, because it's been sold out for a month or two, and I see many more requests for ducats than offers for sale. :cry:
It's a perfect-sized venue for bands of this level, imho. I saw Clutch here on the tour promoting Strange Cousins From The West-what was that , maybe five years ago? And yes,they were quite awesome as expected. I was happily standing directly in front of Tim Sult and his pair of halfstacks- (a JMP 100 and an Orange 100). A muscle-boy bouncer came up and said I couldn't stand there (well, actually I am surmising that's what he said, as it was basically gestures due to the volume, hehe)...I wanted to tell him that I use a pretty much identical set-up to jam in my drummer's not-very-large basement. "Huh? what's that you say?" :jam:
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