Who makes a ECC83M tube?

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Who makes a ECC83M tube?

Postby red5 on Mon Jun 13, 2005 3:24 am

I have a tube in my Marshall Studio 15. It might be an original tube from the mid 80s when the amp was made. It says "ECC83M" in red letters written from the base up the tube. Not quite teslas font and no tesla logo or anything...

The plate is larger than a Tesla and about midway between a JJ and one of those really large plate 12AX7s you see. I think it's a little smaller than an Electro Harmonix plate but it might be close..

Also anyone know what would have been stock back then?
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Re: Who makes a ECC83M tube?

Postby TeleLIN on Fri May 30, 2014 7:32 pm

I have the same ECC83M in all three tube positions of my Marshall 9001 pre-amp. These are the original tubes(I bought the amp new). The tube is the same as the Sino 12AX7A. You can see these tubes at TubeDepot.com. The 9001 is an extremely versatile amp, and it is very well balanced and forgiving to picking.

I put one of the ECC83Ms in a Fender Super 60 in the first tube position and it completely changed the character of the amp, for the better. It took away the high end harshness, changed the attack characteristic to be much more forgiving, with apparent compression. It also made the "boominess" of the amp disappear.

After having tried this tube (the original Marshall ECC83M) in the Fender, I'm convinced that these tubes are the essence of the fantastic sound and playability characteristics of the Marshall. And these tubes are one of the least expensive tubes you can get.

I hope this post will help you and other vintage Marshall and Fender Super 60 owners.

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