Groove Tubes?

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Groove Tubes?

Postby 1965Strat on Thu Jun 28, 2001 4:50 pm

Hey guy if you read my post that I wrote about my Super Bass finally sounding good, you see that I swapped a set of Groove Tubes for the EH EL-34's.<P>Has anyone else had such a miserable time with Groove Tubes? Even after I rebiased the amp, and put the Groove Tubes back in, it still sounded horrible! Are Groove Tubes just bad tubes in general?
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Re: Groove Tubes?

Postby Custom50 on Thu Jun 28, 2001 6:29 pm

Grrove Tubes just matches and relabels tubes, they don't make them - so the tubes could be from anywhere (probably Chinese). I've used some that worked fine in the past though for the past few years I've stuck with Svetlanas (EL34s). I think you mentioned that you rebiased for the other EH tubes, and Hamilton seemed to think it was running a bit hot, so maybe the Groove Tubes just weren't happy at that bias setting and hence sounded crappy - (GT has a rating system based on how quickly the tubes break up, what were they marked?).
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