Which tubes can I put in a 1968 Super Bass?

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Which tubes can I put in a 1968 Super Bass?

Postby 1965Strat on Tue Jun 19, 2001 3:44 pm

Hey guys, I just got my 1968 Super Bass back from Victor, and it is great. Now, for no good reason, I'm in the mood to try tubes as I'm told that the Groove Tubes that I have in there are not the best available.<P>I know that the amp is set for EL-34's but I was wondering what other type tubes can I put in without modifications.<P>Also, and ideas on what would be ideal tubes for the Eric Johnson sound? I know that he uses EL-34's, but which maker of EL-34's does he use?<P>Thanks guys!
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Re: Which tubes can I put in a 1968 Super Bass?

Postby DavidFloyd on Wed Jun 20, 2001 9:55 pm

According to Ted B., the EH's are a bit more gainy and have a nice smooth tone. Svetlanas have the universal "thumbs up" from a lot of folks and I like them and they work well in my Super Bass.<P>One tube that I particularly like is the EI large-bottle EL34/6CA7 tube. Nice full tone out of it and a smooth clip.
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