Need help with G12H-30. Breaking in issues.

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Need help with G12H-30. Breaking in issues.

Postby touchstone001 on Mon Dec 02, 2002 12:53 am

Hey all
I've recently gooten hold of a pair of G12H's which is running into a 25W head. After a few days of playing I've noticed a bunch of wierd background noises or 'ghost notes' coming from the speakers when I play. I've tried another cab which doesn't have the problem. I'm wondering is this a common sound when breaking speakers in? It couldn't be from driving them too hard due to the wattage difference, so will this sound leave.

The other aspect of the speakers is that they are front mounted. Is that the best position for the G12H. Also how hard should they be screwed in? Should they be really tight, or with a bit of give?
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Re: Need help with G12H-30. Breaking in issues.

Postby Mikeelzey on Mon Dec 23, 2002 9:09 pm

Pete - I'm no speaker expert but I've never experienced the ghost notes your describing. Since they don't appear with a different cab I'd suspect that either over-tightening the mounting screws is misaligning the magnet & cone, creating the noises or perhaps the cab needs some sound dampening material inside!??

When installing a speaker the mounting screws should be evenly hand tightened working your way zig-zag around the speaker - in other words tighten one screw most of the way, then tighten it's counter part directly on the opposite side. Continue with all the screws, then come back and make final tensioning in the same manner. Hope this helps.
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