ISO Celestion G 15 M

That elusive piece of the overall equation, so many options and so little time to test them all — Celestion, Fane, Eminence, Jensen, JbL, Utah, Ceramic, Alnico, 1x12, 2x12, 4x12, 2x10, 4x10, 1x15, 2x15, 4x15, 1x18 and I'm sure there are even more!

ISO Celestion G 15 M

Postby ¤klÿn¡§§¤ on Thu Jul 23, 2015 8:40 pm

spider basket
50 watt
8 or 15 ohm

Just a shot in the dark here. Anybody have one they don't need?

I'm refurbing an old Garnet 4x8 cab to house a 15 for my Tubemeister 18 and after doing some research I think the Celestion is the best mate for that amp.

Cheers in advance for any help :cheers:

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