Cant find replacements?

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Cant find replacements?

Postby DutchSmoke on Sun Jun 28, 2015 2:11 pm

Hi, first of all i would like to thank this beautiful forum for all his knowledge. If been sitting on the side line for some while and gathered lots of knowledge.

I play guitar on a old Fender Twin but uses this oldie also for the Fender Rhodes piano. So now i got a old Roland Cube CK-100, so i can play both at the same time with friends. But now bot the horn en midrange dome are broken and i cant seem to find any luck with finding replacements. I just get overwhelmed by the amount which is available haha.

Now I have a very nice Keyboard amp for my Rhodes piano but both the Midrange Tweeter as the Piezo Horn are broken. I check the circuitboard and powersupply and im 100% sure the drivers of those speakers are broken.

So I dont have any problems to repair it I just cant seem to find the right replacements. So now I was hoping for your guys expertise to give me some advice on which to get

If possible i really would like to keep my budget as small as possible.

Under here i added some technical info which i gathered so far:

Piezo Horn Driver 1W-110801A / 8 ohm
The driver is bolted to the horn with 4 screws in a square 48mm apart from each other crossXways. The horn itself is 140x107mm (i would like to re-use this)

Midrange Soft dome EAS-9KH24S / 8 ohm
The driver is again bolted with 4 screws in a square 56mm apart from each other crossXways
The cover plate is 95mm wide and the four screws in there are 87mm apart from each other crossXways
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Re: Cant find replacements?

Postby sitka_spruce on Sun Jul 19, 2015 10:12 am

I think one reason you haven't received any reply could be that this forum mainly focusses on guitar and to less extent keyboard drivers, and then some vintage broadband drivers. Photos/ pictures of the speakers could help somewhat but I can't promise you anything.

There's litterally a multitude of speaker brands, sometimes OEM products from a many but fewer manufacturers. As an OEM the speaker could be designed for ampflifier brand specifically, so although there could be a similar product available commercially they could still differ in a good many ways. Of that reason speakers put into a product made a few decades ago can be quite difficult to source today. I hate to suggest eBay but if anything else fails...

Now if we can find out the performance ratings of these drivers you could try to find something similar that would get the job done for you. Noone can guarantee they will sound exactly the same as stock, but at least you get something that will perform well with the cross overs in place and provide usable sounds. After all: that is what matters at the end, isn't it.

All that said I'm a bit surprised the speakers gave up simultaneously, which should give us a hint the issue might just be something else. But even so...
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