Any opinions on WGS Reaper or Invader speakers?

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Any opinions on WGS Reaper or Invader speakers?

Postby TonyA on Sat Jan 12, 2013 2:30 pm

I was wanting to check them out as replacements in my Sourmash 2x12 oval back cab. The Eminence Private Jacks I had in there previously sounded great, but I blew one of them when stupidly running a 120 watt head into the cab. Now that I have a 4x12 (loaded with Emi Wizards and Tonkers in an X pattern) to run along with the 2x12, I'm trying to figure out which pairing of speakers in the 2x12 would suit me.

I think the Reaper HP 55hz sounds awesome and would yield great bass response in my open back cab. The Invader 50, being a 50 watt Greenback-esque speaker, sounds like a close cousin to my much loved Emi Private Jacks

Anyway, I'm considering any of these combinations:
-1 Reaper HP 55hz and 1 Invader 50
-1 Reaper HP 55hz and 1 Reaper HP 75hz
-2 Reaper HP 55hz
-1 Reaper HP 75hz and 1 ET65
-1 Invader 50 and 1 ET65

Just wondering if anyone had any experience with these. Thanks.
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Re: Any opinions on WGS Reaper or Invader speakers?

Postby ThisLifeILead on Tue Mar 04, 2014 7:20 pm

I Too am curious.

I was leaning towards the 55hz reapers, then the invaders, then the et65's haha i cant decide.

Matamp and Hiwatt is what im playing mostly so im really leaning towards the 55hz reapers but i kinda want to try mixing speakers.
Did you decide on a combination?

I think the 55hz and invader in a 2x12 would be steller. The 55hz reaper for the lows and the invader for the balanced sound.
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