Wilder amps?

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Re: Wilder amps?

Postby CaliKarl on Sun Feb 07, 2016 5:50 am

Hi Guys-
I just joined this group. I have a Wilder 401 and 402. The head is a 2-channel preamp and the bottom is a 1-15" powered by a 50 watt germanium amp. It is all pretty cool. I used to have two of them but I sold one back to the guy who sold it to me so his son could play it. I know I have schematics for both items somewhere... have not looked at them in 30+ years. I bought the 2nd 401/402 directly from Wilder Engineering - they were in Evanston IL at the time (Chicago is my home town). Most amplifiers were covered in black but mine is gold! The folks at Wilder told me that this exact amp was used in the NAMM show back then when transistorized amplification was just coming out. If anyone wants the schematics I can look for them for this particular model.
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Re: Wilder amps?

Postby 83glt on Thu Jul 14, 2016 8:06 pm

Just checked his now. Sure, schematics would be really helpful. The model I own is the 2 + 2, 2x12" 110 watt guitar amp. Any chance you have or could track down schematics for that model?
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Re: Wilder amps?

Postby jeeptechfred on Tue Dec 20, 2016 6:59 pm

I would love a schematic for the wilder 401 if it can be found. I am working on one it would greatly help.
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