60s JORDAN "theBOSS" amp

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60s JORDAN "theBOSS" amp

Postby loudsound on Wed Mar 08, 2017 3:41 pm

Hello all,
this is Hans speaking from Germany.
i found recently a 60s Jordan amp where i have an issue with the high-tone-speakers:
- 1 high (left) high tone cabinet is dead (0 Ohm, no pass through)
- the sound gets distortion when getting >1/3 volume
- the cabinets used (70s/80s?) are german ISOPHON KK10 -> each 4Ohm (resistance)

does anybody has information on Jordan PowerUnit? how many watts on Ohm does it provide?
for my understanding the wiring is in parallel and is wrong because the impedance is going around 1.67 or 2.67Ohm only prior to short

i try to figure out which spare speakers i require to buy and if to change the wiring from parallel to "row" circuit

i have no schemantics and new values of Jordan :-(
and i cant upload any image!
hope anybody can help me here.
Thank you!
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