Heaviest Vintage Supro Amp

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Heaviest Vintage Supro Amp

Postby adam79 on Sat Feb 11, 2017 5:25 pm

I've recently gotten WAY too deep into vintage Supro amps. Since they're so old/rare, you cant just go into a.music store.and try 'em all. The thing I love is their mid-crunch. From the clips I've heard online the early versions are definitely heavier; they have an extra gain stage. There are 3 on my radar that I believe are Supro's best sounding and dirtiest models: The 1695T (the first version with the 6L6GB's), the 1623CT "Holiday" (the final version; the first is apparently a bit sterile, as it was made for a lapsteel) and the 1624T (pre-dual tone version w/ the 3 big knobs.. 2 Volume, 1 Tone).

Out of these three I've only been able to find a pre-dual tone 1624T at a local store, however I'm outta town and won't be able to try it 'til.I get back next.month. it's been driving me off the wall.

The heaviest Supro I've heard thus far was able modded later versions holiday. An 8 ohm tranny was swapped it as well as a 10" speaker, replacing the two stock 6x9"s. This thing could literally pull off doom metal, most metal for that matter, but with a cool.vintage crunch.. not modern zero feedback dirt.

Just looking for recommendations, incase I skipped over a model you think would be better for me.

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