Gretsch 6156 Playboy

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Gretsch 6156 Playboy

Postby denilsson10 on Thu Feb 09, 2017 9:00 am

Hello! :D

Just want to share my story about this wonderful piece of amp and along with that I also have some questions. My wife's grandfather who has reached the age of 96 years once took me down to the basement in his old house. The house is located in a small village in northern Sweden. This basement is more or less like a museum and it´s great fun to look at the old things.

He said that he wanted to show me something and then he pulled out this Gretsch 6156. I must admit that I at this moment didn´t know much about what I was looking at (says a bit about me and my knowledge when it comes to amps). But I knew it was something special. So he gave me this wonderful piece of amp as i gift. I did send it for review and now all the tubes are replaced, plus some minor adjustments have been made. The other day it arrived back home again and it sounds great! As far as I know it´s dated from 1961 or 1962 when I tried to check the serial number (No: T49426). Question 1: I would appreciate if someone has some other input when it comes to this.

As you can see on the pictures it is in good condition but the label at the front is missing. Question 2: If there is someone out there who has this label or at least know where I can get this to Sweden without paying to much money, I would be greatful!



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