Alamo Embassy tube amp

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Alamo Embassy tube amp

Postby Glowtube59 on Fri Sep 30, 2016 11:42 pm

Hi all,

Just want to say hi and I just join the group. I just purchased this amp off eBay and while it does work when I got
it, it needs a bit of tender loving care. First the speaker was shot which I replaced, I did change the caps all the
electrolytic's and while I had it on I did test the amp.

Pin 2 and 8 361volts
Pin 4 and 6 -11.68volts

Pin 3 341volts
Pin 4 284volts
Pin 5 .020volts
Pin 8 14.17volts

I'm hoping these figures are good, I changed a few resistors tonight and had to remove the rivets from the two power tube
sockets they were loose. So this looks like a great forum and hoping to keep up with a few threads.

Glow tube
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