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Re: Old Laney Supergroup (?) 4x12

Postby sandwell on Mon Sep 07, 2015 12:02 am

Hey guys does anyone know what wood the old Supergroup cab's were made of? and are they good sounding cabs?
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Re: Old Laney Supergroup (?) 4x12

Postby CDH on Tue Dec 06, 2016 12:58 am

That's a transitional cab. Primarily Supergroup but some Klipp mixed in (logo). Last of the Supergroup's. I have one slightly different. Mine has the Supergroup era levant like yours (Klipp's are basket weave skin) but a Klipp era grill and logo. Mine also has the double thickness front baring edges.

Bought it empty so no idea what was in it. I threw in a quad of 73-T1221's I yanked form 2 Klipp PA bins. I have a late 74 Klipp cab also. T1221 BB's.
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Re: Old Laney Supergroup (?) 4x12

Postby BygoneTones on Thu Dec 22, 2016 4:32 pm

To say that "all the green label goodmans are 25w" is incorrect in my opinion. Firstly goodmans made lots and lots of different speaker models with different spider supports, different cone types, and different magnets. Just like Celestion made hundreds of variations in specifications, so did Goodmans back then. They are not all the same speaker model, although they might look the same in appearance.

fwiw Selmer used to rate their Goodmans at either 15w or 30w in the late 60's, depending on the magnet size.

The green label speakers mostly pre-date the "50w 12P" models most people are familiar with.

Secondly, there were big transitions cosmetically that went something like this:

1966? to 1967:
1967 to 1969?
1969? to early 70's

I know there was a transition in the frames in 1967 because I have seen both types in Marshall bass cabs, yet still the exact same speaker model/specification. So all of those photos could in theory be exactly the same speaker model, but made at different periods in time. If that makes sense. Very different in appearance, but actually the same.
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