Phonic POD7 powered Mixer

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Phonic POD7 powered Mixer

Postby Geoffb on Tue May 30, 2017 12:59 pm

Hi Folks,
Does anyone have a schematic diagram for the above mixer or can offer any advice regarding the following fault, please?

The symptom is no audio output from either the main or monitor amps. I've traced the fault to the two contacts of a relay that connected the audio output from the two main amps (STK4050v)to the speakers jack sockets. If I short these contacts the Main amps fires up and works ok, giving 200w output. Unfortunately the second STK4050 is dead.
It looks like the negative side of the relay coil is not being pulled to ground - thus the relay not going over.
I understand this relay will provide a safety circuit but without a CCT I'm unable to easily trace the fault.

Any advice would be appreciate.
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