Laney session 45 twin reverb help.

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Laney session 45 twin reverb help.

Postby fj12rider on Wed Jan 11, 2017 5:17 pm

Hi peeps,
new to the forum so if i mess up please be gentle .lol.

ok I just gt my hands on a cheap old Laney session 45 twin reverb , I`ve seen a few different versions of this , mine has the power button on the BACK and has a SPRING reverb as apposed to a digital one . On plugging it in it needed the pots cleaning so i went ahead and did that and it now works as it "kinda" should , on inspection tho 2 of the pots have been changed . The previous owner has changed the pots for mini pots and used small wires up to the legs of the pots . I want to put the pots back to the way they should be . My problem is I dont know what should be in there other than they are full size , 3 leg through board pots . Do any of you expert peeps know what i should put in there (k ohms wise) ? One is the "gain" pot in the equalisation section and the other is the "treble" pot . It currently sounds very "middley" I dont know if this is down to the 8" speakers or simply the sound of the amp . I want to replace the pots with what was originally in there to rule them out as a cause .

Many thanks for any help.


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